Social Media Makes Things Interesting

We’re having fun with social media. For a while, recruiting had become kind of dull. But the onset of social media is creating new approaches to sourcing candidates.

The slow economy decimated advertising budgets and job boards took a hit. There were so many people looking for work it was easy to hire; advertising was hardly necessary. And recruiters, hanging on by their fingernails, recognized LinkedIn is loaded with (free) candidates. Lately, the growth of Facebook made staffers drool, seeing the mother lode of passive candidates. (Too bad it’s not searchable).

Social media – new, evolving, and untested, is the darling of progressive recruiters and the bane of conservative types who just want to do the work the way they always have. At the very least, we’re bringing in marketing skills, moving away from simple job boards, and recruiting has become interesting again. There are problems to solve, campaigns to create, and paradigms to shift. Its a good time to be an innovator.


One response to “Social Media Makes Things Interesting

  1. foododelmundo

    I’m taking a two part Community Ed. class in June called “Get Noticed: How to Use Social Media Sites” (to find a job). I’ll let you know how it goes.

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