Saddling the Next Horse

At a meeting this morning we distinguished between an advertising approach and a social media approach to recruiting. A couple of good points:

We’ve done advertising for a long time, in the past decade, the medium shifted from newspapers to job boards. But the basic model was the same.

The social media model is different, its not as simple as driving traffic and number of exposures. It’s about leveraging relationships to engage people (who might see an ad).

Back when horses were the main form of transportation, you could take your saddle off an old horse and put it on a new one. Switching from newspaper advertising onto the web was like saddling a new horse, a different breed perhaps, but the saddle fit and it acted like the old horse.

Social media is different though. It runs on different fuel – relationships – and we need to make some adjustments. Taking the same old advertising approach will not help, any more than a fellow taking his saddle off a horse and strapping it onto a Model T.


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