Technology and Advertising

Thinking about how communications technology changes the world, and how advertising follows closely – limiting the value of technology by invading it like a disease. To wit:

Innovation: radio                    Disease: advertisement

Innovation: telephone           Disease: telemarketing

Innovation: television            Disease: commercials

Innovation: email                    Disease: spam

Innovation: google                  Disease: sponsored links

Innovation: social media       Disease: recruiting ads

In many cases, the advertising got so out of hand it had to be regulated. In others (spam) filters were devised to keep the disease from ruining the medium. We have no-call lists to keep the telemarketers at bay, and are willing to pay for television and radio in order to avoid the commercials. Only google has managed some level of discretion such that it doesn’t drive users away. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes with recruitment advertising and social media. But make no mistake about the disease and who’s spreading it.


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