Dangerous People

Yesterday I was scanning radio stations during my commute and heard someone say “they’re dangerous because…” I quickly scanned back to learn who was dangerous and why. After listening for a few minutes I learned that the democrats are dangerous, because they’re just like the communists. Apparently, they have conspiracies to turn America into a communist state. Not socialist, communist.

It got me wondering what kind of people listen to this garbage. But I realized there are plenty of folks who can identify with an opinion and get behind it. In fact, its a booming business – this incessant commentary intended to get folks all whipped up in a righteous frenzy. I do think these orators reflect the mood of a good portion of the country, much as racists did for generations. History has shown that if you demonize a group, they seem less human. And its easy to blame society’s problems on them. Susceptibility to such influence is synonymous with ignorance.

The sad fact is that so many people are unwilling to think for themselves. They’re satisfied to be told what the issues are and how they should respond. Whether they’re guided by talking heads, politicians, or preachers, these unwitting sheep do themselves no favors. Its ironic that we live in a country with so much freedom, and that so many exercise their freedom by avoiding responsibility for their own thoughts. Instead they let others direct their opinions, emotions, and actions. In a democracy, these are the dangerous people.


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