Uncle Jack’s Favorite Horse

In the world of social media, I have noticed that many recruiters send mass in emails, texts, and tweet jobs to “talent communities”. The shame of it is there is little commitment to community; the members are merely an email list for recruitiers to send job postings. A talent community without relationships is an email list. And an advertisement sent to someone not looking for a job is spam. Its just technology, no social component at all.

Using social media as a recruiting vehicle while ignoring the social aspect is a bad idea. Repititive spamming sends the wrong message about your brand, even with an opt-in list. It isn’t social, just media. One without the other creates wrong messages, and negative branding. Anyone using any medium, while ignoring the fundamentals is begging for trouble.

Social media without ‘social’ is bound to create unintended consequences, just like texting without proper grammar, where the most common casualty is capitalization. Consider the message when capitalization is ignored:

Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off his horse, and helping your uncle jack off his horse.

If its important to send the right message, consider putting the ‘social’ back into social media.


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