Donald Trump is a clown.

Why else would anyone worth a billion dollars want to spend their time becoming a reality TV star? Not producer or an investor – a star. The guy has an unquenchable ego. The kind that needs an audience to witness weekly power displays telling people “You’re fired.”

Now he wants to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. Good luck. Autocrats (like clowns) don’t play well in government. Trump is an autocrat. He may run the show,  but he’d have a hard time telling congress “you’re all fired.” And while it works for him in business, it won’t work in a system of checks and balances. Despite his financial success, he lacks any skills or experience that suggest he would be an effective leader in a democracy. Of course his ego will tell him otherwise, but congress (and the judiciary) has no shortage powerful egos to go along with their ability to thwart presidential power. Trump has never had to work in a system where authority is split among competing interests, let alone where other participants are more skilled than he. The system would eat him alive.

Still, there is the populist appeal. And because of his pulpit he can appeal to rabble all over the country. But based on his actions so far, Trump is the political equivalent of the Kardashians – ubiquitous, but vacuous. Not to be taken seriously.


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