What’s Being Done to Keep Good People

In this article from ERE, the survey shows a collection of items designed to retain good employees. 

Whats Being Done To Keep Good People? Apparently very little – perhaps because not much can be done within the structures we have. And while I’ve never complained about getting a raise, more of the same is no answer to the fundamental problems creating a disengaged workforce. The underlying problem is how work is organized. According to the survey  ‘more career opportunities’ is the only tactic that might address the engagement issue – the E-Factor – which is our primary challenge. More salary and bonus opportunities are nice. But what if the best employees are merely those most able to ward off boredom and march forward with some energy despite a steady diet of constant repetition? Instead of focusing on the small sphere of rewards, we should either isolate the immunity gene for disengagement, or adjust how work is organized. 

Here’s the article:

Whats Being Done To Keep Good People

by Todd Raphael    May 12, 2011, 1:15 pm ET

Buck Consultants asked 91 companies what they’re doing to retain top performers. In a nutshell:

New career development opportunities 41%
Market pay adjustments 30%
Larger base pay increases 24%
Larger bonus opportunities 21%
More non-cash recognition 18%
Additional company stock 13%
Accelerated or off-cycle base pay increases 5%
Accelerated promotions 4%
Greater retention bonuses 2%
Other 7%
None of the above 31%

Industry varied, as did company size. About 14% of respondents had less than 500 employees; 6% had 500-1,000 employees; 36% had 1,001 to 5,000; 14% 5,001 to 10,000; 31% more than 10,000.


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