Herman Cain – he’s touched so many women…

I have to admit, I’m enjoying Herman Cain’s candidacy. If he fails to get the Republican nomination he should get his own reality show. His reality has genuine entertainment value.  Clearly, Herman has touched women everywhere. And, while that’s usually a handy skill for politicians, Herman’s version of the Midas touch has women lining up to tell the world he’s a schmuck. The first game on ‘Herman TV’ could be a betting pool on when the next woman will come forward with a new set of allegations. This kind of entertainment appeals to a broad segment of Americans and may encourage bipartisanship.

Ironically, Herman says he’ll stay in the race as long as his wife is behind him. Given the steady stream of women going public with Herman’s offenses, it appears that spending time with him helps women conclude he should not be president. Apparently, the Mrs. feels differently. At least for now. A few more weeks, a couple more women coming forward, and who knows? Maybe his wife will agree.




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